As criminal phenomena become more aggressive and elusive, notably in the area of cyber attacks committed through the exploitation of technology, SILEX SECURE LAB is  Design and Develop  a secure, dedicated and integrated platform codename – Def-COMS™, which is aimed to offer a secure solution for communications within and  restricting access to sensitive information to non-state actors.

Def-COMS is a fully secure mobile, digital encryption platform that would allow your communications to remain secure and free from hacking. Through the exceptionally user-friendly platform, user, will have totally secure communications services available across voice, conference and video calls, instant messaging, email and file storage.


Def-COMS™; A Truly Secure Platform

Powered by Silex, Def-COMS™ is truly independent and offers exceptionally high quality services. Unlike other communications apps, Def-COMS does not allow access to any of its users’ encryption keys, making it impossible for anyone, to leak, hack, collaborate or share keys. With mass data surveillance now taking place on an unprecedented scale, Def-COMS would allow the user to benefit from real communications security – thereby protect sensitive data from non-state actors.

Unique features of the platform


In terms of security, the solution cannot be hacked and does offer full control without remote admin access, spy and backdoor leaks, without Google tracking, bloat ware, spyware or remote tracking.

Personnel Tracking

The platform also has an integrated solution that can enable the user through GPS coordinates, determine and locate, when necessary, the exact location of its personnel declared missing or taken captive by non-state actors.

Personalised access

Only the communicating parties can have access to their private encryption keys, so only they can decipher the information (calls and messages) shared meaning third party access is impossible.


The solution is compatible with desktop and mobile devices meaning it can be used across any communication devices i.e desktop computers, laptops, notepads and phones


It would offer features for sending messages, mails, sensitive documents and making conference calls and voice and videos.

Self-destruct mechanism

whenever a personnel’s device goes missing or has been compromised, the platform admin office (backend) can initiate the ‘Fireball’ programme to destroy all sensitive information on the device wherever it is thereby protecting sensitive data from entering unauthorized hands.