We Encrypt Everything

We Ensure that your data is always encrypted - whether you use our secure webmail client, our apps for Android and iOS, or our desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Our approach to key management removes third party trust concerns. We use a distributed architecture and unique symmetric keys for every email and file, offering heightened security at scale.
Silex Customer Key Server adds a layer of protection that lets you directly host encryption keys and integrate with hardware security modules for the highest levels of confidentiality and control.
Silex Secure encrypts your communication with cryptographic protocols to send and receive emails, chat, and make VoIP calls without ever worrying for your privacy.


All Industries Require Privacy to Operate


Silex helps healthcare organizations conquer today’s leading challenge – data protection – by securely sharing patient data to improve patient care while maintaining HIPAA compliance and preserving patient privacy and trust.


Silex gives financial services institutions data-centric protection to maintain the privacy of corporate and client confidential information, wherever it goes. With Silex, financial services institutions can protect and contro...


Silex helps educational institutions modernize their security to keep up with data privacy laws and regulations by ensuring sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) is protected – inside and outside your organization.


Silex helps manufacturers embrace the digital transformation by enabling private data sharing workflows with industry-leading ease of use.


Silex helps federal agencies and state and local governments embrace the digital transformation by keeping sensitive data private...


Silex helps fprotecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation...