We Provide tactical covert operations in the field of Cyber-Intelligence.

As a leading Cyber Intelligence  Agency that blends Business and Internet Intelligence with sophisticated investigative strategies, Our cyber intelligence operation is based on “ CLANDESTINE CYBER HUMINT “ sources technical and open sources that aims to deliver actionable and relevant intelligence to our client. Silex Secure was built by a team of cyber security and intelligence experts, with vast experience in delivering cyber intelligence to its clients

The goal of Our  cyber intelligence Operation is to help  clients improve it’s cybersecurity posture by proactively identifying and mitigating potential threats, as well as responding quickly and effectively to any security incidents that occur. As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, the services provided by us  have become increasingly important to organisations of all sizes and industries.


  • Social media monitoring

    This involves monitoring social media platforms for specific keywords, hashtags, or mentions of individuals or organizations.

  • Social media profiling

    We  profile  an individual or organisation based on their social media activity, including their posts, comments, and interactions with others.

  • Data scraping

    This involves extracting  data from social media platforms, such as user profiles or posts.

  • Geolocation tracking

    This involves tracking the location of individuals based on their social media activity, such as the location of their posts or check-ins.

  • Network analysis

    This involves analyzing the connections between individuals or organizations on social media, such as their followers or friends.

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We provide actionable human intelligence (HUMINT) services and carries out assignments in some of the world’s most challenging operating environments. We deliver services tailored to address our client’s intelligence requirements. We integrate human, cyber, social and geographic analysis to provide our clients with a framework within which to make informed decisions & manage risk.


We provide our clients with multi-INT, cross-domain, collective cyber intelligence (CYBINT) services that correlate enterprise intelligence sources to reveal hidden threats and opportunities in time-sensitive environments.
The result is a reduction in the time gap between collection and analysis or action via the delivery of real-time intelligence to users anywhere in the organization and around the world.


We provide location-based social media intelligence (SOCINT) services. Our social media intelligence services proactively monitors and complements traditional keyword with driven social monitoring that typically misses significant social activity. We offer scalable, enterprise-level processes to sort through volumes of data; and advanced, proprietary technology – combined with human review – to provide relevant, immediate intelligence.